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There is no better shield for beneficial microorganisms than the seed itself!

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Scientists at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology have developed SEEDJECTIONTM – a completely new delivery technology for bringing beneficial microorganisms directly to the place where they should be in order to effectively interact with plants – to the interior of seeds.

As part of the Austrian Innovation Forum, the Seedjection project was honored. At October 17, 2019, Bioresources expert Nikolaus Pfaffenbichler and his project Seedjection were awarded the 3rd place of the ICEBERG Award as part of the Austrian Innovation Forum.

How does SEEDJECTIONTM work?

SEEDJECTIONTM is a high-throughput method for incorporating beneficial microorganisms mechanically into seeds. It is a patented and registered technology based on targeted opening of seed surfaces, injection of microbial inoculants into the starch reservoir and subsequent closure of the seeds.

Currently, a small-size prototype is available with the following features:
• Continuous injection of the microbial inoculant into maize and soy seeds
• High throughput treatment (40 seeds per second)
• Upscaling in a custom-tailored manner is possible


Plant beneficial microorganisms have the potential to overcome limitations we face in modern agriculture. By colonizing plant tissues, they are capable of promoting plant growth, increasing plant resilience to adverse climate conditions or fighting pathogens.

In current agricultural practices, most microbial products are applied as seed coatings or soil amendments. However, with these delivery techniques it is difficult to exploit the full potential of beneficial microorganisms. This is due to low survival rates of many microbes in seed coatings, especially of gram-negative bacteria or the outcompetition of inoculant strains by the rhizosphere microflora leading to poor plant colonization. SEEDJECTIONTM has the potentail to overcome these challenges.

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